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the study of plodoure

founder of kililology is LILRonah Fae Directo.

Propose the Theory KiLtz.

“Theory KiLtz”

plodoure from the word plate + odor

if combined  = “plodoure”

Parts of the plodoure

Cis it is the tresses that grows in the plodoure

Pr it is where the cis is mounted and where
in is hidden
In it is the pores where the odor goes out
Inside with the In are small tresses called
All in all the whole part is called Precise.
Plodoure is where you can found the Precise.

the whole point of Kililology is to study and experiment
the bacteria that is inside the plodoure.
Dik is what we call the aroma which comes out in the plodoure.

There are 3 kinds of bacteria that cause the odorous waft
of a plodoure;
1. Green bacteria

common to the people with skin tone plodoure
the most dangerous, the most bombardiers
bacteria which can cause the most
odorous waft ever.
Usually called TeeBac or Bagre
2. Black bacteria
common to those with darker plodoure
not dangerous at all, just cause the sweating
of the plodoure.
3. Red bacteria
common to those with bleeding plodoure
it rarely comes out because
no stupid person would get their plodoure

Etymology of the words used:
from the word plate which means “patag
+ the word “odor”
we then call our topic the plodoure
KiL means kilikili while tz means tok


from the letters we formed
the Pr In And the Cis
from the word plate
plus the letters formed IN
we formed the word plinte.

P.S.- s0urCe: PATI


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