Posted by: dadzlilangel | March 2, 2010

Why Pink?!

wHy PiNk??

again and again…

Father b0ught me this Pink thing.

I realLy d0n’t kn0w why He keep Buying PINK things f0r me.

oNe thing I cAn rEmEmBer is  thAt my fAv0ritE c0Lor is BLUE & n0t PINK!

In s0mewAys, It also l0oks kinDa cute, and I like it beCause it’s a unique c0Lor of a GuiTar.

I wanna thank papa anyway!

ILY pa!♥

I was, continues to be…

and I l0vE bEing thAt.xD

~the eND~



  1. pink!!!haha

  2. hahaha..ok lng nah..mau kpa gani..!!

    • may movie maker bi kmi….

  3. panu mag himu cni?

  4. ka cute gd sng guitar mu. hehe

    • haha..tnx RUTH!xD

  5. pareho gid sila ni mama… hindi man pink favorite color ko, sagad tana bakal pink.. hahhaha
    bakla bakla beh ang pink ah, pero cute ang guitar, unique

    • haha…tama gd Glyz eh …:D

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